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Youth Exchange Parents


You and your child are looking into one of the most incredible experiences available. We commend you for having the courage and foresight to provide this opportunity to your son or daughter. We hope that this page, along with information you'll receive through your local Rotary Club or district, will help answer questions and reassure you that your child will be in good hands.

Your Child's Experience Abroad

It's difficult to say exactly what kind of experience your child will have, because every country is different, and even within a country, each district is different. However, in general, your child will be completely immersed in the host country's culture. He or she will live with at least two host families, attend local high school and make friends among students of the host country. He or she is asked to participate in Rotary events, as well as school and community activities. Our experience has been that students who embrace the culture grow a tremendous amount while they are abroad, and come back as mature young adults.

The Support Network

The Rotary Youth Exchange support network is one of the most well developed and knowledgeable networks of any youth exchange program. Each district that exchanges, worldwide, meets rigid criteria set by Rotary International that ensure the safety of your child.
In the US, the initial point of contact is the local club, through that club's youth exchange committee or chairperson, depending on the size. Above the local club, there is a district committee of volunteers who work to make the program successful.
The structure in the host country may vary, but generally speaking, your child will be in close contact with a youth exchange officer who liasons with a colleague our district. Your child will also be in contact with a club chairperson at the local level who will ensure their day to day needs are provided for.

Outbound Parent Financial Obligation

The parents of an Outbound Exchange Student are required to undertake the following financial obligations:
  • The cost of transportation of the student to and from the host country.
  • A contingency/emergency fund of a set amount. This fund must be replenished should it become low. This is set by the host district but ranges on the order of $500 US dollars.
  • All clothing needs of the student while abroad.
  • Medical and hospital insurance. General insurance is suggested.
  • Language training. Some countries require students to go to language school and charge extra for this, (approximately $200 - $600).
  • Application fee. (Currently $700.00 as of 2019).
  • Passport and visa fees. To obtain a passport, visit the U.S. State Department Passport Forms page or your local post office or town hall.
  • The host district provides a stipend, but there is always a need for discretionary spending money.


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We hope this information is useful to you as you consider this opportunity. If you have any questions, feel free to  contact one of the outbound committee members.