Contact: Lana Rouff
United States of America

The seminar is mandated when applying for a Global Grant.

Should you be interested in joining the hour and a half presentation, please contact Lana Rouff, GG
Chair at   A link will then be sent to you.

To learn more or prepare, review the following. Go to in the Learning Center.

    Planning Your Global Grant

    Guide to Global Grants

    Term & Conditions for TRF’s District & Global Grants

Our district has been extremely proactive in working with districts around the world in bringing them a better quality of life.

Global Grant  projects which District 7170 has proudly supported during last 5 years:

India (Madras Coromandel) – Water in Schools

Nepal – Sanitation

Mongolia/Australia – Skills in conflict prevention and management

Ghana – Telemedicine & Purchase of medical supplies

Costa Rica – Water systems

Turkey -  EEG Machine

Tijuana – Dental Clinic

Haiti – Incinerator for Hospital

India (Kerala State) - potable water pump station

Greece (Thessaloniki)  – toilets and ramp in hospital

Uganda – Clean Water

India (Jhoole) - Training of Woman for business

Scholarship for a Cornell Graduate – LSE – Clean Water - Colombia

District 7170 – Opioid Prevention

Indai (Madras Coromandel) – COVID Relief Equipment

International Projects:
Viet Nam –Cleft Palate – Binghamton Club as International Partner

COVID – Food Banks in District 7170 – Supported by District Reserves

Sanitary Kits for Young Women in Nairobi, Kenya – Binghamton, Edmeston,Bainbridge, Owego, Hobart, Trumansburg

Plus the many projects supported by District International Grants
Keep up the great work!!