Deposit, NY
United States

Help wanted!

The Deposit Lumberjack Festival will be held Friday July 20 and Saturday July 21. This is an annual event that celebrates the rich history of forestry in Deposit. Thousands attend. The Deposit Rotary Club's biggest fundraising activity occurs at that time. The Rotary Clam Bar is known for its steamed clams, shrimp and beer. In years past district Rotarians would attend the event and help Deposit Rotarians at the clam bar. Like many clubs in the district, we have lost members. However, during the past few years attendance a the festival has increased, as has the business at the Clam Bar. 
We are hoping that we can recruit some members at other clubs who might be interested in giving us a hand with our fund raiser.
Interested parties can contact me for more information regarding the kinds of help we are looking for.