Orlando, FL
United States of America

2022 International Assembly as both an in-person event in Orlando, Florida, USA on 17–20 January and virtually between 25 January and 9 February;

Governors-elect and selected Rotaractors will come together virtually to discuss the impact of our service, the power of Rotarians and Rotaractors to do good in the world and the importance of telling our story. We'll also focus on membership and how Rotary leaders can empower each and every member to play a role in growing Rotary.

Governor-elect partners will enjoy a meaningful program of their own. Join the partner breakout sessions to discuss your role as governor-elect partner and Rotary's membership, service, and Rotary Foundation programs and initiatives.

All participants will be invited to participate in ongoing discussion groups, activities and challenges designed to prepare and inspire them for the year ahead.