Almost Time
March is quickly coming into being.  Students are realizing that ¾ of their year is almost over and plans are under way for making return flights.  We have had many Inbounds excelling in sports, musicals and shows, parades, community activities and hopefully projects in their Rotary Club.  Please make an effort to show your student just what Rotary is all about and how vital what we do is.  You may be the influence that makes that student a Rotarian one day.  With what each club does under their belt, they get to share the exciting things we do with their home clubs.  What a way to spread the word and share ideas!
Thanks to all of you for a good year…  Vera Sosnowski
Sibyla- Brothers Grimm Museum in Kassel, with other exchange students.
Kelly in Taiwan
Kelly in Action
Rebecca at Brazilian Grand Canyon, Lencois