On June 30, the Rotary Club of Carapachy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, delivered equipment and software for the Perinatal Training Center located in the Hospital and Maternity Santa Rosa in the Municipality of Vicente Lopez.  The Center is a fundamental tool to improve pre and postpartum of pregnant women and newborns through simulation and training. Through a Rotary Global Grant, our District 7170 is pleased to have supported this project through its donation of District Designated Funds.  
The President of The Rotary Club of Carapachy, Alejandra Ferriol,  thanked us in a recent e-mail and stated, “… this Global Grant placed Maternity in one of the highest positions in our country, as well as the professionals who manage it and that many doctors and nurses are competing to be able to carry out their training in it. “
Submitted by Lana Rouff, Global Grant Chair