I am pleased to extend a personal invitation to you to the 2019 District Conference at the DoubleTree in Binghamton. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you and attending many of your events. The clubs in our District have a proud tradition and a diversity of ways they serve their communities and communities around the world. We will capture that diversity at the conference. Our major theme is:

Transforming our Communities and Rotary

District 7170 is a rural region that also has world class assets including 11 colleges and Universities, international corporations as well as a diverse set of small business and many service providers. I believe that by collaborating within and beyond Rotary our District has great potential for international development, local community development and personal development. We have assembled speakers that will illustrate our potential. We will sprinkle in fun, music and networking throughout the event. We will appreciate the communities that we are proud to serve.

I belong to 10 organizations, some of which I have started. Some days can be painfully busy. I have a big vision for our District and it is going to take a sustained effort over many years to reach our goals. I also believe that Rotary International is a special and unique organization that the world desperately needs. I see our District helping to drive Rotary forward.

Thanks for all that you do!!!!!