Rotary District 7170: People of Action
Rotary is where neighbors, friends,  and problem-solvers share ideas and take action on our world’s most persistent issues. We work together to 
  • Promote peace
  • Fight disease
  • Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Save mothers and children
  • Support education
  • Grow local economies
District 7170 supports Rotary Clubs in south central New York State. 
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April Message from District Governor, Matt Adler
Last week I participated in a tribute to a fellow District Governor Dave Hamilton who is battling cancer. Throughout the virtual event, we reflected on the incredible work Dave has done throughout this life and how he truly lived the Rotary motto of Service Above Self.
Listening in, I was reminded of a song my daughter introduced me to called “I was here” performed by Beyonce at the United Nations for World Humanitarian Day. The song lyrics read...
Home Page Stories
As Rotary attempts to expand its reach worldwide some new ideas as to creating new clubs are needed.  One idea that is being well received is the development of caused-based club.
Bring together people with a passion for a cause
How about club that consists of US Veterans?
How about a club which is dedicated to the environment?
How about a club which is dedicated to the cause of fighting Human Trafficking?
How about a club of health care workers?
Clubs for a cause have a positive effect.
Please join us for this conversation as part of our Multi District Membership Monday Series: Monday, April 5th, 7 p.m. 
Register today:

Virtual Global Grant Seminar

April 15, 7:00 PM 

The seminar is mandated when applying for a Global Grant.

Should you be interested in joining the hour and a half presentation, please contact Lana Rouff, GG Chair at   A link will then be sent to you.

To learn more, or to prepare, you can review the following at

  • Planning Your Global Grant
  • Guide to Global Grants
  • Conditions for TRF’s District Global Grants

Global Grant projects which District 7170 has proudly supported during last 5 years:

India (Madras Coromandel) – Water in Schools

Nepal – Sanitation

Mongolia/Australia – Skills in conflict prevention and management

Ghana – Telemedicine & Purchase of medical supplies

Costa Rica – Water systems

Turkey -  EEG Machine

Tijuana – Dental Clinic

Haiti – Incinerator for Hospital

India (Kerala State) - potable water pump station

Greece (Thessaloniki)  – toilets and ramp in hospital

Uganda – Clean Water

India (Jhoole) - Training of Woman for business

Scholarship for a Cornell Graduate – LSE – Clean Water - Colombia

District 7170 – Opioid Prevention

Indai (Madras Coromandel) – COVID Relief Equipment

International Projects:

Viet Nam –Cleft Palate – Binghamton Club as International Partner

COVID – Food Banks in District 7170 – Supported by District Reserves

Sanitary Kits for Young Women in Nairobi, Kenya – Binghamton, Edmeston, Bainbridge, Owego, Hobart, Trumansburg

Video Education

The second video for Foundation 102 is at the following link: Rotary Foundation 102 Feb 2021 1 - YouTube 
The video discusses where do you get grant ideas; how to get funding for a grant; and where does our Annual Fund contribution go?

And remember the Happy Dollar Challenge

When you get vaccinated contribute $100 Happy Dollars to the Rotary Foundation. Alert Doug Larison, District 7170 Foundation Chair, and you will receive an innovation dollar depicting the creation of the polio vaccine.
It’s time to think about applying for a District Grant. The early deadline of May 15 will be here sooner than you think!
District grants fund small-scale, short-term activities that address needs in your community and communities abroad. Each district chooses which activities it will fund with these grants.
Typically, the Grants Committee receives requests for more funding than is available and in many cases has awarded partial grants to try to make the money go farther. For 2021-2022, the Committee has decided to fully fund all worthy projects. This means that projects will be scrutinized even more closely – only the very best projects will be funded, but at the full amount requested. In previous years some clubs have submitted two, even three, projects and the Committee has sometimes awarded two grants to a club. For 2021-2022, however, only one grant will be awarded to a club so put your best efforts into your application.
As always, feel free to contact Grants Committee Chair Cindy Burger,, (607) 692-3442, with any questions.
The February Multi-district “Membership Monday” seminar “Young People Speak - It’s Time to Stretch and Listen” featured a  panel of younger Rotarians from around upstate New York who shared what they want and expect from their Rotary experience.  
Catch up on the opportunities they offered. See a recording of their presentation on YouTube. Slides are also available for download.
Upcoming Events
Club Members, share your news!
Promote your upcoming fundraisers and celebrate your philanthropy on the District 7170 website, social media pages and in our newsletter. Send all pertinent details to to Cindy Kain at
Please allow a few days for posting.