Greetings from Youth Exchange…
It’s been a busy month and many activities have happened to our students.  Many have participated in school musicals and concerts, as well as playing basketball and cheerleading.  Kudos to all our kids for their involvement.  Any club not hosting a student is welcome to invite one or two to a club meeting and hear a little about their country and how life is going here in the US. Please let me know if you are interested in a guest speaker. I also, am available to talk to Boards or clubs about Youth Exchange and would hope that new clubs may be pleased to join our hosting clubs in this wonderful adventure.
Pictures are of our last orientation where languages were spoken as Inbounds and Outbounds gathered to learn all they could about hosting countries and culture.  Food is always a good way to relax and staff enjoyed it too.  Thanks to Dryden, Cortland Breakfast and Cortland RCs for hosting this event.  The YWCA was great and the food was better!!
We have some great news to share.  Downsville has been accepted to host a student this coming year and Bainbridge RC has offered to be the official hosting club.  Walton students have shown in interest in hosting as well at their school, so perhaps in the future that might be a possibility too.  YE is expanding slowly and gives so much to our students, communities and Rotary—when will YOU become a part of it?  Vera Sosnowski, Chair
Hello from Maria!
    I can't believe I have less than four months left in this country. Owego feels so far away! February was a busy month, and the months ahead are only busier. Last month was the language camp, the last one of the two. I'm feeling a lot better in the language though not where I'm aiming to be-yet! Lessons at school are helping a lot, and I make an effort to always speak Hungarian. 
This weekend, I'm heading to Poland for a weekend trip to see Auschwitz and Krakow, something the exchange students here asked for. We're all really excited to see more of Eastern Europe. The two euro tours are April and May, and, I've been meaning to ask, I'm planning to go to Germany to visit my uncle and his family during Pentecost. (Since Germany has no school or work around then). Is that doable? I think it's doable on my end here, just paperwork to fill out. If there's an issue on the 7170 side of things, please let me know! Thanks!
At language camp we got to see the future outbounds to other countries, and it was a really out of body experience. I can't believe Bainbridge was over a year ago! It reminded me of the initial excitement all those months ago. I've really come to love Hungary, Hungarians, and the language. It's certainly a unique one! We got to walk around the city (Szolnok, Hungary) and spend time with other exchange students and Hungarians. It was really amazing!
Cold has finally hit Hungary, and it's been consistently below freezing for the past few weeks, but it came with snow which is great. School is still good, and I'm still helping out in English classes once a day or so. I understand a lot more of my own classes which is something I never thought I'd get to say! 
Nat: Hello All,
 Wow…. It’s March already!?!?! Anyway, February was an eventful month. I went to Berlin during the first weekend of February with my host family. We mostly just toured around the famous site and museums. (i.e.  Berlin Wall, Holocaust Memorial, etc.) The next weekend I traveled to Copenhagen to pick my family! (My biological one, not my host family) WE then went to Sweden while I was on winter vacation. After winter vacation ended I went back to school, and they stayed in Aarhus with my for another week while my brother and sister were on their winter break. They left early Friday morning. My overall consensus of the 2 weeks, while fun, was definitely very weird. Going from only talking them once a week through a webcam, to seeing them every day face-to-face, was definitely something that took some getting used too. But all-in-all, I think it was great that my family got to come and stuff so thank you Rotary for letting them come and visit.
Lea--  I had the opportunity to try golf and it’s really not my sport, it's harder than it looks. Otherwise I have two sisters Alex who is my age and Sidney who is 15 and a little brother Joey  who is 12 years! I get along really well with them, we spent a lot of time together, laugh a lot. They are very young in spirit and we go out a lot, restaurant, cinema, shopping, sport. My host father is also the assistant basketball coach! They love to discover things about France like cooking. For example I had made them a kings cake or crepes and they loved it. I really created a great link with them, especially with my sisters, we all share things and we spend a lot of time together! I went in Washington it was really cool and during the presidential weekend! I was able to see the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Madame Tusseau Museum, the Museum of American History. It was really great then on our way we stopped to visit a college for my sister, it allowed me to see how were the American colleges. It's really big and they do not offer a domain you can really study a lot of courses.
Otherwise, the school here is still really great, the events they do for the seniors are just super fun. For example we have a basketball game seniors vs teachers, it was super funny, I remember playing defense against my architecture teacher, or dodge my English teacher and make a layup. Then we had a game seniors vs juniors. I played against many of my friends and my sister. It was just super funny. We had other sports competitions, we had to make teams with our friends and there was a kind of big ball to the prisoner revisited. Or for Valentine's Day, all the seniors had a present, my teacher brought us donuts in shape of heart etc .. the high school low it is not just working it’s having fun while working.
Otherwise my relationship with my friends is getting stronger, I go out a lot and I never get bored. Being in the basketball team just reinforced my friendship with some people. I am invited to many birthday, I go out to eat with friends, I go shopping etc. I do not see myself going back to France in 4 months, really not ...
YE orientation a few weeks ago. Both  Inbounds and Outbounds talking together and learning about countries