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District News
Ithaca Rotary Club collaborates with Farmers Market, School District to bring fresh food to local tables
The Rotary Club of Ithaca is pleased to announce that Ted Schiele has been named Rotarian of the Year for 2015-16. The award is given every June in honor of an active club member who exemplifies the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.”
Dale Johnson of Hospicare is service club’s leader thru July 2017
Wide range of interesting programs open to the public
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I am writing this update after just finishing the half-way point in my club visits.  I am truly enjoying my visits with all of you and hearing about your unique strengths and plans for the future.  In this update, I want to focus on the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.
The 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation is a major milestone for one of the best humanitarian organizations in the world today.  This entrepreneurial journey began with a small meeting of fellowship in 1903.  Today we are an organization of over 1.2 million in over 200 territories and countries.  Our results are measured in lives saved, gallons of clean water, conflict resolution and hope for the future.  The Polio Plus story alone is a testament to the power of sustained focus and collaboration that is achievable.  The skills we have honed in this journey can be applied to some of the greatest challenges we face here at home and across the world.
I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve as District Governor.  To have this honor during the 100th anniversary is truly special and I am committed to making our District, bigger, better and bolder.
Rotarian of the Month
If you want to hear about a Rotary ‘Cinderella Story’ or perhaps better yet, a ‘Rocky’ comeback victory, look no further than the JC Rotary Club.  And one of the important key players on this team is Past President Ron Heebner.  JC Ron, as he is often called, was one of a small handful of members who banded together to keep the club going when it seemed disbanding was inevitable not long ago.  You see, Ron’s a fighter, and when the club of 5 members at that time needed a secretary, Ron stepped up.  It was not an easy task to assume, but Ron, with the help from District 7170, battled to not only learn the ropes, but blossomed in the role.  Ron went after and got a key influential new member which has produced other new members, procured a new club meeting place (Davis College), and lead the rally to take on projects such as the JC Traffic Circle care and beautification, “Dream Team” community youth outreach for at-risk youth, hosted a heroin awareness community forum, as well as presenting scholarships and dictionaries to Johnson City school students.  If this weren’t enough, Ron quietly gives to RI’s Foundation regularly and has several stones on his foundation pendant!   Please join us in congratulating this prize fighter, Ron Heebner, as August’s Rotarian of the Month.

The Tree Peony Project:  Community Beautification
Great Investment
Tree Peonies are deer resistant and easy to grow. They love our cold winters and are also fairly drought tolerant. Roots are delivered in time for Spring planting and Mother’s
Day.  As the plants mature, the numbers of flowers they produce also increase.
Please plant them:                          
  1. Around your home1st year:Planting in April/May
  2. In your school or church2nd year:2­3 flowers/plant
  3. Around your workplace3rd year:6­8 flowers/plant
My Goal is to plant 1,000 roots in 2017 throughout District 7170.
Fundraising Opportunity: ​ Help us, and let us help you.
Special price and benefit for Rotary clubs, if ordered before September 15, 2016:
Make checks payable to your participating Rotary club at $20/root. Your club keeps $10 for the Rotary Foundation for you or your club’s credit. Your club makes a check payable to Kampai (Importer) for $10/root (which includes $9.26 for root + $0.74 tax). The price will be $25/root after September 15, 2016 with the same donation of $10/root to the Rotary Foundation.
Please place your order:
By e­mail: kampaikonnect@stny.rr.com​. Or call: Richard: 607­770­9428
Mark Kriebel Awarded Boy Scout's Highest Award
Endwell Rotary is proud to announce that long-standing member Mark Kriebel has received The Boy Scouts of America highest honor, The Silver Buffalo Award.  This award is very rare and Mark is the only living recipient of this award in all of Upstate New York.  The award was made at the annual meeting in San Diego.  Thirteen recipients received the award including the Archbishop of New York, Timothy Michael Dolan.
Foundation Minute for Week of August 22nd
So many children today are denied even basic education resulting in 775 million people over the age of 15 cannot read or write.  As adults they suffer the long-term consequences of unemployment, poverty and shame.  Through literacy and basic education programs, Rotarians are giving people the tools for a more productive, stable and a happy life.  One of The Rotary Foundation’s most successful literacy projects dates from the 1980s when an Australian Rotarian brought the concentrated language encounter teaching method to Thailand where many people in remote villages spoke only tribal languages.  With the support of several Rotary Foundation grants, the project taught tens of thousands of children and their parents to read and write in the Thai language.  That alone represented great success, but the project achieved two other important goals.  The Thai government adopted the program for the entire country, and other Rotary clubs adapted the method for use in literacy  projects in several other countries. 
Rotary Foundation projects approach the problem of illiteracy in a variety of ways – from providing technology, teacher training, and low-cost textbooks to communities to furnishing uniforms and school supplies to low-income families.  No single solution will solve the world’s problems, but Rotary is uniquely equipped to address regional needs in order to foster literacy in people of all ages.  
Thank you for your generosity to The Rotary Foundation for making this possible.


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August 2016